Q - How long does it take for my order to arrive?

A - After your purchase, it takes a maximum of 3 days to fulfill your order (verifying the payment and selecting your ordered items) and send it out to you. Our Free Shipping delivery time could take up to 4 weeks in the US or up to 6 if you live outside of the US.

Q - What payment providers do you accept?

AWe currently only accept payments through PayPal and 2CheckOut. PayPal and 2CheckOut support all major credit cards like MasterCard, Visa, AA etc. and are one of the most trusted payment platforms in the US.

Q - I don't own a PayPal account, how do I pay for my order?

A - You can still use the PayPal checkout, but please select the "Guest Checkout" feature. Enter your details and you're all set! Another simple way is to checkout through 2CheckOut.

Q - What is your return policy?

A - You can return the item within 30 days after receiving it. It has to be in it's original package and unused. For any further details: https://cuisinegoodies.com/pages/refund-policy

Q - Where can I sign up for the newsletter to get new product offers?

A - The newsletter subscription box can be found at the bottom of our home page.